I hope you have fared well through the storm, with your families as well as your businesses.

As we focus on telling Orlando’s tourism story post-storm, it’s encouraging to see our industry bouncing back in a strong way. Following Hurricane Ian, Orlando’s businesses are reopening in phases — and we’re here to help you spread that message.

Some things to know right now: 

  1. We are assessing the destination. While our staff has had ongoing contact with numerous members before, during and after the storm, we also began canvassing hundreds of member businesses to formally determine post-storm destination status across several key areas, including accommodations, attractions, dining and retail. So far it appears quite positive, with the majority having rebounded quickly. For example:
  2. We are telling your story to visitors. We transitioned our severe weather page to actively share information about businesses that have resumed operations. As new information comes in, we will continue to update our blog that includes opening information for Orlando theme parks, attractions and other businesses to keep visitors informed. 
    • Our Visitor Services team has been busy responding to questions by phone and live chat.
    • We are posting important news and updates to Visit Orlando’s social media channels and providing updates to media.
  3. We want to hear from you. If you have a key piece of information you’d like to share with visitors, please email us at membership@visitorlando.com. We will update our team members who are handling visitor questions and our various communications channels. 

The resolve and resiliency of our community have been on full display for the world to see. Of course, many challenges remain. But, together, our destination continues to make tremendous progress. 

Casandra photo and signature for TM