In Orange County, tourism saves each household $7,500 in annual taxes — and enhances our quality of life by fostering job growth, charitable programs and more. Discover the inspiring journeys of real people and real stories about the benefits of tourism.

Annual Tourism to Orlando

Thanks to tourism, small businesses thrive. Schools are built and renovated. Arts and culture flourish. Local sports venues receive support. And our community is energized with a diverse workforce, inspiring career paths, sustainable jobs with flexibility, and amazing career opportunities. See how else tourism works for Orange County — and for you.

Employs 384,000 Workers

(43% of the workforce - direct and indirect)

Generates $73.6 Billion

in economic impact

Pays $22.6 Billion

in wages

Provides $5.3 Billion

in local & state tax revenue

Taxes From Tourism

Taxes help pay for programs important to all Floridians.

Taxes From Tourism

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